Behaviour therapy

Our drive is to make a difference to our clients’ lives through behaviour therapy.

One Central Health uses techniques from ABA therapy and behaviour therapy to help our clients—young and old—to learn and develop the skills they need to live a happy and meaningful life. For ABA therapy and behaviour therapy services, get in touch with us on (08) 9344 1318 today. We have 6 conveniently located practices across Perth and regional WA.

What is behaviour therapy?

Behaviour therapy is the general term that encompasses several different therapies to help clients with special needs.

These disorders can include ADHD, depression, anxiety, self-harm, social issues, eating disorders, development issues and a whole lot more.

What is a behaviour therapist?

A behaviour therapist is a clinical or therapy provider who specialises in behaviour therapy. The One Central Health behaviour therapists are made up of highly trained and experienced professionals.

What do behaviour therapists do?

Behaviour therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques and activities to help improve clients’ behaviour. For example, cognitive behaviour therapy helps clients regulate and control their emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Our behaviour therapists conduct analyses and assessments of clients to ensure effective and personalised behaviour therapy plans.

Behaviour therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques and activities to help improve clients’ behaviour.

Behaviour Therapy

One Central Health’s behaviour therapy sessions are aimed at helping children to develop the skills they need to learn and interact with others in school and public environments. Our adult behaviour therapy works to help clients with various mental health disorders ranging from anxiety and anger management to self-harm.

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One Central Health is proud to offer behaviour therapy via telehealth. With distance no longer a barrier, more and more clients are benefitting from our therapy services all over Western Australia.

If you are interested in exploring our teletherapy services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy is based on a branch of science concerned with the application of basic principles of behaviour and learning. The aim of ABA Therapy is to solve socially important problems and teach functional life skills. Evidence-based and backed by nearly 50 years of proven results and research, ABA Therapy is a tried and tested scientific method of therapy.

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One Central Health is committed to being a one-stop clinic for a range of multidisciplinary health services, including behaviour and ABA therapy. For your convenience, we have practices located in Osborne Park, South Lake, Ellenbrook, Kalgoorlie. If you would like to arrange an appointment, get in touch with us on (08) 9344 1318 today.

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