Counselling Services WA

One Central Health provides multidisciplinary allied health services including counselling services WA wide. Our professionally trained and highly experienced psychologists provide counselling appointments for clients of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

With a ton of cumulative experience providing support for clients presenting with a variety of issues, we bring a unique multidisciplinary approach to every appointment.

Counselling Services WA and Perth-based

Our trained counsellors offer support for a range of areas including:

  • Self-regulation
  • Fly-In fly-out (FIFO) dynamics
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Child life stages
  • Trauma
  • Difficulties with transitions
  • Disconnection between “stop, think, do”

Anxiety Counselling

We can help you develop strategies to copy and reduce anxiety. Find out more here.

Anger Management

Learning to cope with your anger in an appropriate way is possible. Learn more today.

Depression Counselling

If you’re suffering from depression, counselling can help. Discover depression counselling at OCH today.

Child Psychology Services

Our psychologists can deliver child-specific counselling and psychology services. Find out more.

Family Counselling

With counselling services for the whole family, we can help you through difficult times. Learn more about our services.

Teenager and Adolescent Counselling

Teenagers face many challenges in life. Click here to learn more about what teenager counselling can do.

Understanding Counselling

Counselling and psychology services can help clients in a wide range of ways. Working with a psychologist can empower and enable you to identify and clarify specific issues you may be experiencing.

You may explore techniques or options for coping, dealing and improving your situation, as well as develop strategies for bettering your daily experience and life. Counselling can help you by providing increased clarification, direction, self-awareness and support.


One Central Health’s counselling services are available both in clinic, with face-to-face appointments, and through telehealth.

Remote therapy using reliable technology is an effective way for clients anywhere in Western Australia to access best practice and high quality psychology therapy and counselling services whenever they need it.

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We’re here to support you. Always.

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