Positive Behaviour Support

We all use our behaviours to communicate with others. At times, when our needs are not being met, we may engage in behaviours that can be challenging or concerning.

That’s where Positive Behaviour Support comes in.

What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

Positive Behaviour Support aims to understand what your needs are and then assist you and your supporters to meet these needs. We aid families and carers in identifying the causes of a behaviour and determine the supports that are required to meet your needs.

Positive Behaviour Support is an evidence-based approach that aims to increase the quality of life of the individual, thereby reducing the need to engage in challenging behaviours.

Positive Behaviour Support is typically funded through the NDIS.

What does a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner do?

Our team of Positive Behaviour Support practitioners will work with you, your family, your support workers, your school, and other stakeholders to understand your needs. Our PBS practitioners will conduct Functional Behaviour Assessments to determine which supports are right for you. We then provide that support to you in a holistic way to improve your quality of life.

By working closely with you and your supports we’ll ensure everyone understands how to best help you. Our team will then write a Positive Behaviour Support Plan which includes the ways in which you would like to be further supported and help others understand your needs.

Our practitioners all have a background in either psychology or occupational therapy and support people across the lifespan spectrum: from early childhood to older adults, and everyone in between.

What do we offer at One Central Health?

Interim behaviour support plan/safety plans

This includes writing a behaviour support plan that includes regulated restrictive practices within a one-month period.

Comprehensive behaviour support plans

This includes conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment, a consultation with the client and their supports to meet the needs of the individual person, and protocols and procedures for regulated restrictive practices, including fade-out plans.

Reviewing current behaviour support plans

The review and evaluation of the current behaviour support plan, including additional consultations with the client and their supports, current Functional Behaviour Assessment, and a review of the protocols and procedures for regulated restrictive practices.

Would you like more information about PBS?

One Central Health is a registered provider of Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support and Behaviour Management Plan under Improved Relationships funding.

If you would like to discuss any behaviour issues you or a loved one are experiencing, please give us a call and ask our team about PBS today.

We’re here to support you. Always.

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