Anxiety Counselling

If you’re suffering from anxiety, our team of counsellors are here to help you manage.

What is anxiety?

Everybody can experience feeling anxious during particularly stressful time of their life. Anxiety is persistent feelings of anxiousness that neither subside when a stressful event has passed or is not obviously related to a particular cause/stressful catalyst.

Anxiety can negatively impact your mental wellbeing and your day to day life. Seeking the right professional help is important to keep yourself healthy.

Symptoms of anxiety includes:

  • Panic attacks
  • Significantly elevated heart rates
  • Chest tightening and rapid breathing
  • Constant tense feelings
  • Situation avoidance
  • Excessive feelings of fear, worry, concern or obsession
  • Hot flashes or cold flushes

What types of anxiety are there?

There are several different categories of anxiety ranging from specific phobias to general social anxiety.

Anxiety may be part of another condition, such as obsessive compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some individuals suffering from anxiety may be experiencing Generalised Anxiety Disorder or a panic disorder.

How to manage anxiety?

There are many ways of helping to manage anxiety such as keeping yourself physically fit and healthy.

One Central Health offers counselling and therapy services to people with anxiety to help enable them to cope and minimise the negative impact on their lives.

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