Anger Management

Anger is a very normal feeling and, when channelled correctly, a healthy emotion. There are valid reasons for becoming angry, upset, and frustrated in life. Anger management therapy can help you deal with anger in the correct way.

If you find that your anger is uncontrollable, excessive or prolonged and is affecting your life and those lives of the people around you, anger management is a helpful way to provide you with the coping mechanisms and skills to live a balanced, healthy life.

What is anger management?

Anger management is a form of counselling/therapy that will help you express anger in a healthy way without losing control and exploding unnecessarily. It is not a method for learning to suppress anger or not feel it at all.

If you suffer from a quick fuse and find yourself regularly and easily prone to outbursts of anger, anger management can help arm you with the skills needed to regulate and control your emotions, allowing you to life a more content life full of healthier and happier relationships.

There are numerous types of anger such as passive anger, chronic anger, volatile anger and more. Anger management will help you deal with your specific form of anger.

We’re here to help you improve your life and empower you to make a lasting, meaningful difference.

Our Psychologists

Our psychologists are experienced and trained in providing the full range of psychological support and therapy services, including helping you manage your anger with helpful, effective techniques.

We’re dedicated to ensuring best practice and high quality therapy to clients of all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds.

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If you’re finding that your anger is harming your wellbeing, affecting your life negatively or hurting those around you, please get in touch with our team to book an appointment with one of our counsellors or therapists.

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