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When it comes to health and wellbeing, it’s important that you have easy access to a reliable and reputable source of information and advice. In today’s world of over-information, thanks to technology like the smart-device you’re reading this on or sitting next to the computer you’re reading this on and the ever-growing resources on the internet, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available.

We hope this blog becomes a handy source for you to refer to regarding all things allied health, paediatric medical care, therapy and NDIS support.

Who are we at One Central Health?

To start things off, it’d be best to introduce to you who we are and what we do at One Central Health. For more information please visit the About Us section of our website where you’ll find helpful staff profiles of all of our clinicians, doctors and team members.

An Overview

One Central Health was founded in 2015 by Alana Maley-Berg, a registered psychologist with years of experience across a number of sectors.

Initially One Central Health was just a provider of psychology services but it soon became apparent that in order to provide outstanding and truly comprehensive health services a multidisciplinary team needed to be assembled. If clients could access all of their therapy and health services in one, central place, they would be better off in more ways than one.

A Multidisciplinary Allied Health Team

Speech pathologists, paediatricians, occupational therapists, therapy assistants, dietitians… The One Central Health team just grew and grew offering clients an increasingly multidisciplinary approach to their services in addition to psychology and counselling.

The convenience and accessibility of having so many health services in one place is a huge plus for our clients. There’s no running around to different clinics for different services, filling in multiple new patient forms, or chasing referrals to half a dozen practices… With One Central Health we offer it all under the same roof.

What does all of this mean to you?

There’s an added benefit of offering multidisciplinary services that isn’t so obvious to all of our clients. Our multidisciplinary allied health team is exactly that: a TEAM!

We don’t just operate out of the same facility and use the same premises, we work collaboratively and intimately with one another. If a client of ours sees both a speech pathologist and an occupation therapist, the two clinicians can–when required–communicate effectively and efficiently together to ensure that the best healthcare is being provided.

Of course, confidentiality at One Central Health is uncompromisingly strict. Clinicians only access the information required and relevant to the services they are providing to their client. This way we can both ensure that none of our clients suffer from piecemeal therapy yet also enjoy peace of mind that their privacy is being upheld.

Find out more

To find out more about any of our specific services, click on the links below to go to their specific webpage:

Paediatric Health Services

Uniquely, One Central Health offers a lot more than just general allied health services. We have multiple highly qualified, trained and experienced paediatricians who work for us as well. These paediatricians see newborn and adolescent patients and anyone in between.

If further therapy or assessments are required, our paediatricians are able to refer their patients to our allied health practitioners. For example, if you receive a referral from your GP and have an appointment with one of our paediatricians, and that paediatrician then refers you for an Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment, you don’t have to then go off and find a psychologist and speech pathologist to administer the assessment. Our multidisc team will do it right here for you!

Paediatricians are also in short supply around Western Australia. Thankfully, we’re able to offer telehealth services so that no matter where you are around our stunning, sunny state, you can get access to best practice paediatrics for your child(ren).

Find out more about our paediatric services here.

Registered NDIS Provider

The NDIS–National Disability Insurance Scheme–is an extremely important government-funded program that provides funding for eligible and approved participants to ensure they receive the support and therapy they need.

One Central Health is a registered and approved NDIS provider. This means that no matter how you manage your NDIS plan, you are able to use your funding for services with One Central Health.

NDIS Specific Services

Additionally, we’ve broadened our service offerings to include Plan Management and Support Coordination services too. It’s just another part of our commitment to ensuring comprehensive and step-by-step support for NDIS participants.

Want to find out more about what we offer? Check out our NDIS services page.

Core Values

So far, we’ve spoken a lot about us: who we are and what we do. At the heart of it all comes you, our clients.

This approach–putting our clients’ wellbeing first and foremost–helped to steer us when putting together our core values as an organisation. If you’ve ever spent time reading through a business’s core values, you may notice that there’s often a lot of talk about “passion” and “integrity” and “respect”, among many, many other things.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we decided that those three attributes were pivotal for us as well but we wanted to make sure that our values reflected our clients first and foremost. What good would it be to be passionate about healthcare if it didn’t translate into first class, industry leading allied health services?

So these are the values we put together.

We serve with integrity to earn your trust

We work with passion to give you quality

We treat with respect to show you care.

In other words: our integrity is valueless unless it ends with you trusting us to take care of you or your loved one. Our passion is useless unless it ensures that the therapy and support you receive is of high quality. Our respect is lovely but aimless if it doesn’t translate into you feeling cared for every step of the way.

A Snapshot of Our Clients

If you’re not a client of ours yet or have yet to actually visit one of our clinics or connected with us via telehealth, you may be interested in knowing a bit about our clients.

Unlike many other allied health providers, especially ones offering a variety of therapy disciplines, we don’t exclusively service children or adults. Our services are available for clients of all ages.

We don’t only provide therapy for individuals with a disability or mental disorder either. Our clients include people of all abilities and everywhere along individual spectrums. Additionally, our clients represent a very diversified range of backgrounds ethnically, racially, religiously, and socio-economically. We take great pride in the respect and sensitivity our team displays for all clients regardless of who they are and where they come from.

The Future of One Central Health

The relaunching of our online presence presents us with new opportunities for further engaging and supporting our community WA-wide. This blog is just one of those ways. We’ll be regularly uploading interesting and helpful articles about a variety of allied health, paediatric and therapy related topics.

In order to keep up with our latest postings make sure to subscribe by clicking on the button below. At the end of the day, we’re here to help you so if you have particular questions that aren’t covered by our Frequently Asked Questions page (or even if they are covered but you want more information), give our team a call on (08) 9344 1318 or fill in a contact form and let us know what you’d like a new blog about.

We’re excited about what the future holds for you and the rest of the One Central Health family.

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