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One Central Health offers unique and valuable access to a number of paediatricians and paediatric services.

What is paediatrics?

Paediatrics is the medical study and healthcare relating to infants, children, and adolescents.

A paediatrician specialises in dealing with young clients. One Central Health’s team of health providers include multiple community paediatricians who are experts in dealing with children experiencing behavioural, developmental, physical or social difficulties.

Our team of paediatricians are experts in dealing with children experiencing behavioural, developmental, physical or social difficulties.

Paediatrician Appointments

Our paediatricians offer support for a wide range of concerns including:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a mental condition involving higher levels of hyperactive behaviour and impulsive activity. ADHD most commonly begins in childhood and can cause difficulties learning, focusing, working, and socialising.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a mental condition which causes social, speech, non-verbal and behavioural issues.

ASD usually is diagnosed in childhood. To be diagnosed with ASD, clients need to be assessed by a paediatrician, psychologist, and speech pathologist.

Developmental Delays

Children who experience developmental delay consistently do not reach the various developmental milestones in time.

Paediatricians are able to test, diagnose and refer treatment to parents whose children are experiencing developmental delay.

Learning Difficulties

If your child is struggling to learn, concentrate or progress educationally, our paediatrician team offers consultation regarding learning difficulties.

Behavioural Difficulties

Children dealing with behavioural difficulties may struggle to regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviour, or experience socialising issues.


Children experiencing undernutrition do not intake sufficient nutrients needed for normal growth and development.


Children experiencing overnutrition intake more nutrients than is needed for normal growth and development.

Problems with Growth

If you have any concerns with the growth of your baby, child or adolescent, we recommend booking in for a consultation with our paediatrician.


Clients with asthma find difficulty breathing which may interfere with a number of regular and everyday activities, such as exercise. Clients with asthma can suffer from minor symptoms or experience life-threatening asthmatic attacks. Our paediatricians are trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating asthmatic clients.

Constipation and Enuresis

If your child is experiencing irregular bowel movements, uncontrolled urination or constipation, our paediatricians are here to help.

Telehealth Paediatrics

Our paediatricians offer consultations remotely via our telehealth services.

One Central Health’s best practice and high-quality paediatrics are now available to everyone, everywhere.

Autism Assessments

The One Central Health paediatric team provides autism assessment referrals to our psychologists and speech pathologists.

Once your child has had their consultation with a paediatrician and received their referral, we will then book them in for a joint assessment session and a parent/caregiver interview.

A comprehensive report is then prepared and provided that addresses the DSM-5 criteria for ASD.

We also have government contracts to provide autism assessments through both the Department of Communities (DoC) and the Child Development Services (CDS).

To find out more about Autism Assessments, please click here.

Information Regarding Prescriptions

It is our client’s responsibility to ensure they do not run out of medication.

Prescriptions expire after 6 months whether or not the medication is picked up from the preferred pharmacy.

If you child does not use their medications during holidays, on weekends or due to unforeseen circumstances making the pick-up time longer between scripts, you may find that the last repeat has expired prior to using the medication.

We recommend picking up your medication each month.

Please ensure you check with your pharmacist when your script will expire and then give us a call well in advance to ensure you have an appointment booked to receive a new script.

Medication Trials

When you and your paediatrician decide to trial medications, there may be initial reactions and/or side effects.

If your child experiences side effects or if you have any concerns regarding the trial medication, please give us a call. If unavailable, we will then pass on your concerns to your paediatrician.

For all medical emergencies, please contact your nearest emergency department.


It is up to your paediatrician whether or not they choose to make your GP a co-prescriber. If you would like this to happen, please speak with your paediatrician during your appointment.

Prescriptions will no longer be written without an appointment unless pre-arranged with the paediatrician.

Please get in touch if you need paediatric support in any way.

We’re here to support you. Always.

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