NDIS Plan Manager – what do they do?

Some NDIS participants opt to self-manage their funding. Others choose for the NDIA itself to manage their funding. Whilst a few prefer using a Plan Manager.

However, if you’re considering being plan manage you might be asking, what is a Plan Manager and what exactly do they do?

What do they do?

NDIS Plan Management providers help you manage the funding available in your NDIS plans. Comparatively, unlike Support Coordinators, Plan Managers do not assist with the use of your funding, finding and accessing support, or choosing your providers.

Self-managed NDIS participants arrange the payment of their provider invoices independently. Following that, they then upload their invoices to their NDIA portal for reimbursement from their funds. Agency-managed participants simply have their provider invoices lodged directly with the Agency.

Plan Management participants use an intermediary or third party to coordinate funding for support. This means that they form the connection between you, a participant of the NDIS and receiver of support/services, and the NDIA.

The basic role of a Plan Manager is to receive your invoices for you and then pay them on your behalf. They claim the money from the NDIA through the portal themselves prior to settling your invoices.

Every month or upon your request, you’re able to receive a report of all of the transactions your PM has carried out on your behalf. This ensures you are well aware of how much of your funds are left, where the money has been allocated and how much you have used.

Find out more about Plan Manager’s services and funding management on the NDIS website here.

Who pays the Plan Manager?

Your Plan Manager is paid through the relevant support categories in your NDIS Plan. If you do not have the required funding and allocation, you may not be able to use a Plan Manager.

What are the benefits of using a Plan Manager?

1. Convenience

Using a Plan Manager means you do not have to worry about paying for services and support. They’ll handle invoices, claim funding and deal with all of the associated headaches. Managing an NDIS plan can require a lot of time, effort and energy. With a Plan Manager, you’re able to outsource all the work to them.

2. Professionalism

The right Plan Managers will offer professional, meticulous and expert service. This gives you (and your chosen provider) assurance that accounts will be settled in a timely fashion, the right amounts paid, and your remaining funds kept under a closely monitoring eye.

3. Choice and control

As an NDIS participant you’re entitled to exercise choice and control over what services you receive and from which providers you receive them. Using a Plan Manager allows you to access your choice of providers. Plus, it can help you ensure that you’re always in control with your Plan Management provider just a phone call or email away.

4. Make the most of your funding

Plan Managed participants also benefit by ensuring their funding is used in better ways and to its full potential. When you manage your own plans or have the NDIA do it for you, it can often prove to be more difficult and time intensive than anticipated.

5. Oversight

Your Plan Manager is supposed to provide you with regular reports and statements as to how your funds are being used, how much you have left and whether you are on track to under or overspend. You’re able to ask for reports at any time, as well.

After all, Plan Management companies are also required to comply with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission’s standards, so you should feel comfortable with the ethics and quality of their service for you.

How to choose your Plan Manager?

With rates of NDIS participation only going up year to year, the number of businesses offering plan management is increasing as well.

Because of that it’s hard to know how to choose which organisation is right for you.


Word of mouth and personal referrals are one of the best ways to find Plan Managers who are trustworthy and reliable.


Is your Plan Manager proactive in managing and monitoring your funds? For best service, make sure any PM you choose takes the initiative in providing you with the very best of service.


Don’t be afraid to ask a potential Plan Manager to display their expertise or credentials. If they do not have the experience or knowledge required for high quality plan management service, you should find one that does.


Truthfully, you might not think that paying invoices on your behalf requires a high level of care, but it actually makes a big difference. Your PM is an integral partner in ensuring you or your loved one receives the right support and makes the most of the incredible funding available in your plan.

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