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We’re an NDIS registered provider.

Some potential signs of Autism can include:

  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Lacking the ability to engage in social conversation or difficultly communicating with others.
  • Limited social awareness and understanding of the moods, actions, feelings or behaviour of others.
  • Being unusually interested in a very specific topic without any interest in anything else.
  • Repeating behaviours.
  • Other developmental issues.

Our Autism Assessment in Perth

1: Receive a referral from your paediatrician.

2: Book your assessment with One Central Health.

3: Attend the assessment.

4: Receive a comprehensive report and diagnosis if relevant.

5: Speak to our team for feedback and support regarding ongoing treatment and therapy.

Autism Assessments can also be provided via telehealth. All of our clinicians and assessors are very comfortable and experienced with remote appointments and assessments. Plus, we provide tele-therapy services for many clients located around Western Australia.

Assessments are carried out by psychologists, allied health professionals who help clients improve their mental health and general wellbeing, and speech pathologists, allied health professionals who work with clients experiencing communication issues.

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