Dr Chester Tan

  • Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician

  • Proficient in ADHD, Complex ADHD, Autism and Child/Adolescent Mental Health

  • Integrated approach using behavioural and developmental therapies

  • Medication fine tuning when necessary

One Central Health is pleased to have Dr Chester Tan back as a part of our multi-disciplinary practice model following increasing demand in this area. Chester is a passionate Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician who gets down to the child/adolescent’s level to understand, listen and also talk/interact with them. He is very well aware of the complex medical, education and community services system, therefore, allowing more effective integration into these.

He will see any areas related to child development, behaviour, adolescent development/behaviour, the developmental/learning needs of those with medical issues, those with gifted skills, social difficulties, attachment difficulties, emotional challenges, child/adolescent relationship issues, anxiety, trauma, unusual behaviours and many more. He has specific interest and skills in approaching ADHD and complex ADHD being part of the Complex Attention and Hyperactivity Disorders Service (CAHDS) previously and is keen to look into both non-medication and also medication approaches. Dr Tan is familiar with medication uses for the management of child/adolescent behavioural/mental health issues. He is also able to complete the paediatric component of Autism assessments and is an advocate of early intervention therapy for Autism. He has completed research with Autism groups previously. Whenever possible, he will explain the neurological theory/hypothesis behind specific issues in child/adolescent development and behaviour which provides children/adolescents and their families a great understanding of these issues.

He has a motto to identify developmental issues early in order to get into the intervention early, which will then create a strong foundation for children in their adult life. Therefore, it is beneficial to attend to childhood development as early as the neonatal period for a lifelong wealth of better adult quality life.