ADHD clinic

One Central Health runs an ADHD clinic that consists of a specific multidisciplinary team consisting of our Developmental Paediatrician, Psychologist, and Occupational Therapist. 

We support children with ADHD who often have difficulties with executive function skills. These skills help you get things done and are controlled by the frontal lobe area of the brain. Executive function helps you:

  • Pay attention

  • Switch focus

  • Plan and organize

  • Remember details

  • Avoid saying or doing the wrong thing

  • Do things based on your experience

  • Multi-task

As brain connections are constantly being shaped from before birth until adolescence, the ADHD clinic team members help with ‘guiding the brain to provide better control’as a child’s brain connections are shaped.

One Central Health views the importance of providing a timely and regular intervention for children with ADHD and executive functioning difficulties.