Reid Chester

Reid started his professional career as an exercise physiologist, specialising in exercise and movement to reduce symptoms and pain associated with chronic illnesses. After completing a masters of occupational therapy, Reid has focused his attention and interests in the area of developmental paediatrics and mental health.

Reid’s occupational therapy experience started in a sensory integration-based clinic, where he focused on the child’s sensory profile and how they interact with their environment to target specific skills and goals. Following this Reid started a role as a full time live in therapeutic carer for 3 boys who had experienced severe childhood trauma and were in the care of the department. This role allowed a focus on skill development, sensory adjustment and considerations within the home, and fostered a better understanding of mental health and the impact trauma can have on development.

Moving into a community-based role, Reid’s paediatric focus shifted to a specialisation in autism at the Autism Association of Western Australia. In late 2018 Reid also completed a Locum on Nauru, working closely with refugee children and families to support their re-engagement into school and the local community.

Experience with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder



Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY)

Sensory Processing Disorder

Social skills

Emotional understanding regulation skills



Eating/Meal time challenges

School integration/support

Fine and gross motor skills

Positive behaviour support

Reid is currently registered through Medicare to provide services under chronic disease management (CDM) plans, and is one of only 15 occupational therapists in Perth who is endorsed to deliver services under better access to mental health (BAMH) plans.